Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Red Pill Gazette Purpose

This site is not is a Matrix fan site. I want to avoid endless analogies to the Movie. I do not want to see you in your best "Neo" costume (as handsome as you might be). The movie and its metaphor of the "red pill" serves as the context for the subject of my writings.

As I stated in the first posting it the purpose of the site is to further the idea of the awakening of the human soul. If it is anything it is dedicated to the personal epiphany people can experience. It is also meant to help people as they begin to walk that awakening out.

In my mind I am thinking of people who are in the process of redefining themselves, maybe they go to the barber as a clean-cut icon of the American boy and return with a Mohawk. This is an outward expression of an inward change. What they are expressing in doing something this radical is that they are different, or at least perceive themselves different. Understanding that is important.

When something like this happens; the people that I am in relationship with may have something to say about this. I might lose my job, or even risk losing a relationship. There are always risks when change is present.

This not to foster the myth that this conflict is worth all risk, it may not be. The analogy of Cypher in my earlier post was given to highlight the reality that what we experience may be painful, or even confusing. We may lose sight of why we woke up in the first place. This is rough and ugly but true none the less, if you are going to continue on the path of awakening then you must realize it will have it's own price tag. Truth does not come in neat little packages.

You cannot expect that the truth will even meet you on your terms. This is not something you can control. When truth is presented (or in my weird view of the world, introduced) it is something I must react to, something I must acclimate toward. Effort is made to synthesize it into my experience. In this sense change is not a natural progression, or evolution but a discipline.

What has been your experience with the being made aware of truth? What change did you have to make as a result?

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Anonymous said...

So many people have been tricked into believing that you can always have the best of everything. I think the greatest reality I have learned is if you want truth, if you want the fullness of God, you can't live, think, respond in the same way you did before. Like you said, it comes with a price tag and a defining choice to say no to who and what you were and yes to who and what you will become on this entirely new path. Now on this path, I have also found the next reality is that it doesn't stop there. Once you choose this new path you keep having to change and walk forward and the path slowly becomes more defined, a little more narrow, and sometimes feels like a constant incline up a muddy mountain. To continue to grow we must continue to change and become a new being not the same one who chose a different path. I am not who I was 10 years ago and I hope, if I keep moving forward, I will not be the same 10 years from now.