Saturday, July 31, 2004

Welcome to "The Red Pill Gazette"

The purpose of the site is to further the idea of the awakening of the human soul. To best describe that experience I use the phrase a "reality epiphany".

People often imagine the awakening of the soul as some gentle magical experience, when in fact it may be engulfed in conflict. When the inner person is revealed it is often confusing to those who have known us, it is also confusing to us as well. We may not have been real behind the facade however we at least were predictable.

Having our eyes opened is no picnic, the pursuit of what is genuine is at times conflicted. It was easier when I didn't know, I didn't see.

My struggle continues, as I embrace the reality that for me there is no going back. And so I end this post asking a question of you, "why didn't you take the blue pill?"

As we walk this out,

The Hitchhiker